Urban Built Environment Team


The Urban Built Environment Team is working to develop feasible mirror arrays and solar panels for future implementation of MEER:ReflEction. The team is also working on developing more efficient energy conversion in order to reduce the energy wasted in the typical process, and better serve communities where mirror arrays will be implemented. Overall, in designing mirror arrays, the team aims to create the best option in terms of aesthetics, efficiency, and overall community health benefits.

Team Members:

Gregory Pan

Urban Built Environment Team Leader

Gregory is pursuing an Environment and Sustainability degree at Cornell University, with a focus on sustainable energy systems and storage. He is on the Urban Built Environment team for Project MEER:ReflEction, where he works on designing solar reflective models for a variety of areas. During his free time, Gregory enjoys doing puzzles, playing board games, and is a part of the Cornell Bowling Club.

Sebastian Barquin Sanchez

Product Design Engineer

Sebastián Barquín Sanchez is an undergraduate student at Cornell University, majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in aerospace engineering. He is passionate about sustainable transportation and infrastructure technologies and wants to see their reach extended to places where these technologies are insufficient or lacking altogether. He is an infrastructure modeler for Cornell University Sustainable Design. Modelers reduce the energy consumption of historical homes, while maintaining the classical aesthetic of their architecture. Sebastián also has an interest in automation and vehicle design and loves European football. His future educational plans include a master’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration. When these graduate degrees are completed, he hopes to be equipped and thoroughly prepared for effecting change in all areas of engineering.

Romy Morgan Pein

Operations Specialist

Romy Pein is a senior at Vanderbilt University where she is majoring in Medicine, Health, and Society with a double minor in Physics and Chemistry. Romy is working on the urban development and planning team of Project MEER:ReflEction with the hopes that people will become more aware of the unique environmental hazards that people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds face and how to right those injustices through technology and innovation. In her free time, Romy competes on the Vanderbilt crew team and works as a student tutor for STEM classes.