Ocean Deacidification Team


The Ocean Deacidification Team is creating solutions to how MEER:ReflEction may address ocean deacidification, and analyzing the effectiveness of current strategies depending on location. Ocean liming, primarily through artificial ocean alkalization removes atmospheric carbon by adding alkaline substances to seawater. The team is researching and using models to discover how this will affect ocean environments and organisms, and how it may best be implemented.

Team Members:

Wrishija Roy

Team Spokesperson, Biogeochemistry Research Specialist

Wrishija Roy is a fourth year undergraduate student at Emory University studying Environmental Science and Chemistry and pursuing an MPH in Environmental Health at the Rollins School of Public Health. She is a researcher for the Solar Thermal Ocean Deacidification team of Project MEER:ReflEction, focusing on the science and engineering behind solar-derived ocean liming. She hopes to quantify the real-world applications of sustainable technology and integrate clean energy and environmental equity in her own communities in Mississippi and Bangladesh. She has interests in environmental justice, bioethics, and film.

Brittany Jones

Data Analyst, Phytoplankton Research Specialist

Brittany Jones is a recent graduate of Western Washington University where she received a B.S. degree in Environmental Science with a primary focus in Oceanography and Water Quality. She is a researcher for the Solar Thermal Ocean Deacidification team of Project MEER:ReflEction, focusing on the impacts of alkalinity on phytoplankton, microorganisms, and bacteria. She hopes to expand her understanding and experience in hands-on laboratory and field work, as well as in public relations and science communication. She enjoys gardening and snowboarding in her free time.

Kieran Donnellan

Ocean Deacidification Team Member

Kieran is a senior software engineer and data analyst from Ireland. He is also a published, award-winning designer with a background in Architecture, and has worked as a professional academic in the past. Although he now works in IT, he continues to design and build pavilions and products as side interests.

Kieran’s interest in protecting the environment has been a theme in his recent design work, and has led him to become a volunteer at MEER:ReflEction. He will use his varied skill-set to help undertake interesting research and explore innovative technologies that combat climate change.

Mohan Hathi

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Mohan Hathi is a Junior at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, in Cambridge, MA. He is deeply engaged with both STEM teaching and engineering, and created a robotic spider movement platform for the Shamble Lab at Harvard. He’s excited to be building a two-axis tracking solar concentrator with Dr. Ye Tao and Chris Stokes as part of the MEER:ReflEction team. In his spare time, he enjoys 3D printing, running cross-country and track, and singing Indian classical music.