NOx Valorization Team


The NOx Valorization Team is working to assess the most efficient removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and how to best minimize the impact of potential emissions from MEER:ReflEction. Nitrous Oxide (NOx) will be produced from chemical reactions caused by the reflection of sunlight from mirror arrays. The team aims to efficiently convert these gases into sustainable products such as fertilizer for beneficial future uses.

Team Members:

Zoe Lilja Zwecker

NOx Valorization Team Leader, NOx Chemistry Specialist

Zoe is a senior at Colorado College where she studies Environmental Science and Global Health while pursuing a pre-medicine tract. Zoe’s primary research interests investigate the intersection between a changing climate and its effects on human health, particularly through ambient air pollution. She has been dedicated to changing the trajectory of our planet since high school where she facilitated the implementation of a 154kW solar array. Now Zoe is involved in bridging the gender gap in science through her involvement with Women in STEM and teaches an after school club for elementary school students about sustainability in Colorado Springs. She hopes working with Dr. Ye Tao will help her understand the urgency of the problem at hand, the complex nature of atmospheric chemical reactions, and learn how to better communicate technically difficult information to a larger audience to initiate change on multidisciplinary fronts.

Sophia Yue

NOx Valorization Technology Specialist

Sophia is a junior at Vanderbilt University where she is studying Chemical Engineering and minoring in Medicine, Health, and Society. She is a member of the NOx Valorization team as part of Project Meer:ReflEction researching how emission byproducts from petrochemical industries can be reutilized. During her free time, Sophia enjoys playing different instruments, reading historical biographies, and is part of the Womxn Ultimate Frisbee club team at Vandy.