Educational Outreach & Communication, Finance, and Policy Team


The Educational Outreach and Communication, Finance, and Policy Team functions to aid communication within the project as well as communicate MEER:ReflEction's mission with the project. The team works to consolidate and present findings to the public, create comprehensive financial breakdowns and cost analyses, and assess related policy. The goal is to create understanding of geoengineering as a field and develop an accessible narrative of the mission and vision of MEER:ReflEction for policymakers and the public.

Team Members:

Isabel Wellington

Educational Outreach & Communication, Financing, Policy (EFP) Team Leader

Isabel Wellington graduated from the University of California, San Diego, where she studied Environmental Systems with a specialty in Environmental Policy. Isabel hopes to apply her interdisciplinary background in the policy and science aspects of climate change, towards her work aiding MEER:ReflEction navigate implementation and publicity. Isabel plans on pursuing a career related to combating climate change and developing sustainable societies.

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Sophia Morgan

Head Budget Analyst

Sophia Morgan graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a major in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. Sophia is helping with cost projections, project financing, project affairs in North America. Sophia hopes to work on research regarding mental health, and implementing findings in public health and healthcare reform.

Skye Lam

Skye Lam

Chief Communications Officer

Skye Lam is currently a high-achieving scholar and the Student Body President at the Bronx High School of Science. Skye has a strong passion for saving the environment, whether it be performing extraordinary research projects or leading youth activism events around his community. In the future, Skye plans to pursue a degree in a STEM-related field and continue to utilize his experience in environmental sciences to make the world a better place.

Barbara Sneath

Deputy Director

Barbara Sneath is a retired Ph.D. biological research scientist and educator who worked at Cornell University before becoming a full-time homemaker. Since childhood she has been concerned about overpopulation, overconsumption, and humanity’s destabilization of the natural processes upon which all life depends. She is a passionate advocate for the biosphere and for science-based global governance and policies. She enjoys classical music, reading, writing, thinking, and spending time in the natural world.

Greg Elliot

Operations Lead of Finance and Policy, North America

Greg is serving as Senior Vice President, North America and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and is responsible for overseeing the MEER:ReflEction's business development funding strategy for North America. He's been in technology sales for over 10 years, and has held senior sales and strategy roles at both Fortune 500 and start-up firms respectively. Throughout his professional career Greg has worked on large scale BigTech projects related to Big Data, IoT, Engineering, Advanced Analytics, and Back Office Operations use cases across multiple verticals, including: Financial Services, CPG, Oil & Gas, Retail, Manufacturing, & Engineering.

Peter Dynes

Operations Lead of Finance and Policy, Europe

Peter is serving as Senior Vice President, Europe and is responsible for overseeing MEER:ReflEction's business development funding strategy for Europe. He has a scientific background and was an environmental consultant for 15 years in London working on significant projects such as the Thames Tideway. He is currently a director of the Co-operative Development Agency in Ireland and sits on the boards of the Society for Co-operative Studies and the Riddel's Warehouse Trust.

Mark Milne

Finance Coordinator

With an academic background in philosophy from San Francisco State University, Mark has worked in finance since 1995 and currently raises money for renewable energy in Zürich, Switzerland, where he has lived for over 25 years. As a thinker, writer, musician, outdoor sports enthusiast and father of three, Mark is now dedicated to helping humanity to transition from a plundering, competitive society into a nurturing, cooperative society—before it’s too late.

Kate Hill

Volunteer Coordinator

Kate Hill is a retired teacher with 10 years of experience running a small department in a large school in England. She has always loved nature and spends many hours gardening and appreciating the local flora and creatures of all sizes. Other interests include hill walking, reading, playing cello in a string quartet, and singing in vocal ensembles.