Karthik Ramesh

Terrestrial Temperature Model Developer

Post grad school, Karthik is starting as a water resources engineer focused on hydrogeological modeling at EKI Environment and Water, Daly City. His work includes projects in construction and calibration of groundwater models for counties in California, development/evaluation of water supply strategies, conservation programs and groundwater sustainability plans.

Rabeya Hussaini

Marine Temperature Model Developer

Rabeya is a recent graduate of Brandeis University who received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics. Rabeya loves exploring the world with a quantitative lens and participating in novel research projects. For the past four years, she worked as a research assistant in the Kondev Group studying the physical mechanisms of cellular growth by postulating models and analyzing data. She has also worked on short-term research projects in sustainable energy, nuclear physics, and fluid mechanics. Besides learning physics, Rabeya places great emphasis on being able to explain it to others and has traveled to several conferences to share her work including the American Physical Society’s March Meeting 2019 and April Meeting 2020. Outside of science, Rabeya is an avid philosopher and enjoyer of books.

Andrew Scacchi

Data Analyst

Andrew Scacchi is currently a Sophomore at Cornell University majoring in environmental engineering, with a minor in applied economics. As a part of the Urban Built Environment team for Project MEER:ReflEction, ‘Drew’ is excited to help provide cost effective energy solutions to communities that need it the most, as well as improving the livelihoods of people around the world. In his free time Drew is an avid chess player, and also enjoys playing lacrosse and working out.

Priyansh Sharma

Inventory Specialist

Throughout his career, Priyansh has developed a reputation as a visionary professional with excellent organizational and time management skills; able to work independently and within a team setting. He is known to be a collaborative team-player with high emotional intelligence, committed to advancing environmental engineering experience and knowledge by learning from top scientists and subject matter experts. Perhaps most important, he is an experienced tactician with a sharp power of observation, highly skilled in networking with peers and members of the academic and scientific communities in business, industry, and government research facilities.

Drew Lira

Marine Ecology Research Specialist

Drew Lira is a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of California San Diego studying Marine Biology. She is a researcher for the Solar Thermal Ocean Deacidification team of Project MEER:ReflEction, focusing on the ecosystem effects of ocean alkalinization. She is also an intern for CALPIRG at UCSD, where she works to increase youth voter turnout across the nation. She hopes to learn how to communicate science to the public and gain the skills to lobby effectively for climate policy. She has interests in environmental justice, global policy, and gardening.