Frequently Asked Questions

Image Credit: NASA

What does the acronym MEER:ReflEction stand for?

Mirrors for Earth's Energy Rebalancing: Resource-driven engineering for leveraging Earth’s chemistries to immediately offer climate remediation.

What is the MEER:ReflEction Framework in layman's terms?

It is an ecologically aligned adaptive mitigation framework. Our projects channel abundant and accessible raw materials into natural biogeochemical processes to rebalance energy flows of the global climate system and close currently broken material flux cycles. The consequence of its execution would vivify our degraded biosphere—thereby regaining the physical conditions to flourish, for us and for the other creatures with whom we share this majestic planet Earth.

What are the benefits of the MEER:ReflEction Framework?

MEER:ReflEction is a grand, versatile, and comprehensive engineering project feasibly rooted in the ecological functioning and resource availabilities of planet Earth. It addresses the imminent urgency of climate change due to temperature increase and weather extremes while reshaping our energy production and consumption to renewable energy. MEER:ReflEction applies thin film-coated glass mirror arrays to most efficiently achieve (1) solar radiation management via dynamic control of surface albedo, (2) renewable energy production, (3) carbon dioxide drawdown through ocean liming using solar thermally-produced calcium oxide (CaO), (4) removal of secondary greenhouse gases and air pollutants via mirror-enabled atmospheric photochemical engineering, and (5) biodiversity recovery via a geographic restructuring of agricultural primary production in a high-CO2 world.

Are there any risks to this project?

Based on the current research available, we believe that the MEER:ReflEction Framework is safe for the public and the environment. We find the cost for full implementation comparable to the projected increase in risk to global assets by 2030 in the event of inaction.

How can I support the MEER:ReflEction Framework?

For small donations, you can head to the "Donate" page on the website. For larger donations, please fill out the contact form on the bottom of the home page.

When will the MEER:ReflEction Framework be completed?

Currently, we are in the research and development stage of the project. We find it feasible and necessary to deploy the mirror arrays within single-digit years to fully rebalance Earth's energy.