Project MEER:ReflEction

Mission and Vision:

Our Fivefold Mission:

  • To cool Earth’s biosphere by managing solar radiation with glass mirrors.

  • To produce food and to generate carbon-neutral energy with mirrors.

  • To promote global justice through open education networks and innovations.

  • To reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide by bolstering nature with clean technologies.

  • To reduce atmospheric methane through mirror-enabled photochemistry.

We envision a new role for Homo sapiens: stabilizer of the natural world and steward of its ecosystems. It is a role that requires a high awareness of our interconnectedness with other species, a sophisticated understanding of Earth’s dynamic and delicate climate system, a deep-rooted respect for the finiteness of her abiotic physical resources, and transformatively efficient fabrication technologies. It is a role that can lead us toward a secure and sustainable future for us and for the other creatures who live alongside us on this majestic planet.

Mirrors Can Save the World.

MEER:ReflEction is a grand, versatile, and comprehensive engineering project feasibly rooted in the ecological functioning and resource availabilities of planet Earth. It addresses the imminent urgency of climate change due to temperature increase and weather extremes while reshaping our energy production and consumption to renewable energy. MEER:ReflEction applies thin film-coated glass mirror arrays to most efficiently achieve (1) solar radiation management via dynamic control of surface albedo, (2) renewable energy production, (3) carbon dioxide drawdown through ocean liming using solar thermally-produced calcium oxide (CaO), (4) removal of secondary greenhouse gases and air pollutants via mirror-enabled atmospheric photochemical engineering, and (5) biodiversity recovery via a geographic restructuring of agricultural primary production in a high-CO2 world.

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